Bento La La: A reason to sing


Making bento boxes has become my latest hobby. It may seem a bit absurd for a woman in her mid-thirties to be obsessing over her lunch box, but it brings me great joy.

The other night I found myself singing out loud while prepping my latest box. I did a medley of Police songs, followed by what I’m sure was an unflattering take on “You Said.” But I really can’t remember the last time I just found myself singing to myself.

It is cliche, this desire “to be in the present.” It is yuppy and WASPy and so emblematic of the plague of the 00s … But it is needed, I think, to sometimes just be exactly where you are.

If bento-making can make me sing, la la …, then that’s all the justification I need.


One thought on “Bento La La: A reason to sing

  1. After google-ing for Bento, I have stumbled upon your blog. Thanks for sharing the tips on making Bento. It’s school holiday now and I am planning a picnic for my nieces and nephews. I hope to prepare bento sets for them during this picnic. I am in my 40s and I am getting excited over Bento-making now! There’s nothing wrong about the age…most important, it’s the joy it brings!! I bet my little ones will be happy too when they see their cute bento sets! I have 7 sets to prepare!! Cross my fingers, hope they turn out well.

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