Thinking about relationships right now …


A picnic table at Swanton Berry Farm on the Pacific Coast Highway

Relationships, of all kinds, are the most simple and yet difficult of things. In my head it should be easygoing like this picnic table, a place where you can sit down and share something plain and beautiful, face to face, under a perfect sky. But then there were many days of rain and fog to make the grass beneath this blue table so very green, right?

One thought on “Thinking about relationships right now …

  1. And so it is that a photograph of a simple scene can symbolize so much. I really like how you aligned the top of the picnic table with the bottom of the fence ~ making something simple, simple again, yet complex. The table reminds me of a temple. Lovely photograph. Good thoughts shared about the need for both the sun and the rain ~

    I ❤ your bento boxes!!

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