Koreanese bento #17: There’s no place like home


Fried tofu and edamame nuggets with baby lettuce, radishes, cucumbers and multigrain rice; bell pepper kinpira and a berry-citrus fruit salad for dessert.

Ft. Lauderdale! The Everglades! The Keys! Napa Valley! A bevy of beautiful places and faces in a whirlwind week and a half.

I could never get enough of dolphins, anhingas, stingrays and miniature deer. Sleeping in a suite is all the better for having slept under the stars. And I love drinking beer at the No Name Pub on Big Pine Key, Fla., as much as I do sampling the wine pairings Ad Hoc in Yountville, Calif.

But have to say, I am so happy to be back home and making bento on this most beautiful of San Francisco days.

2 thoughts on “Koreanese bento #17: There’s no place like home

    • Hi Ama Simone. I got the recipe from Makiko Itoh’s The Just Bento Cookbook.

      Miso Tofu Nuggets with Edamame:
      3 Tbsp chopped green onion
      2 tsp chopped ginger
      1 tsp sesame oil
      3 Tbsp edamame (fresh or frozen)
      1 lb firm tofu, drained
      3 Tbsp miso
      cornstarch to coat
      veggie oil to fry

      You saute the green onion and ginger in the sesame oil. Then you boil edamame. Crumble tofu and mix together with your hands everything except the cornstarch and oil. Form flattened ovals, dredge in cornstarch and fry in 1 inch of oil.

      I added cilantro, as I was low on green onion. But otherwise, can take no credit of my own. Great book, though!

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