Koreanese bento #21: New day, new box


Chicken nuggets, grape tomatoes, olives and donkatsu sauce over baby spinach; spring potato, carrot and cucumber salad next to assorted fresh fruit

LunchBots stainless steel series uses no plastics and is dishwasher safe. This is the Duo model, which has, duh, two compartments.

4 thoughts on “Koreanese bento #21: New day, new box

  1. Looks delicious! Those chicken nuggets are making me really hungry 🙂 I love my Lunchbots boxes! Hope you fall in love with this one too!

    • Thank you, ohayayobento! I had written more about making the nuggets, but somehow that part of my post disappeared. Will put up more later but used organic Heirloom Flakes, so they are slightly “healthy,” though still fried. 😉 Super stoked about the LunchBot box. Think it will be lots of fun!

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