Portrait Practice: Self and Other


I’m taking a photography class at RayKo Photography Center. Our first assignment was to practice portraiture, using light, proximity and the surrounds to tell a story.

The first shot is for a piece I’m working on for KoreAm magazine. It’s supposed to tell you something about what the person in the shot does for living … Can you guess? The next two are just me messing around at home trying to create mood. I took a self-portrait next to a sunny window, and then I dunked myself in the tub for the second shot right after. Finally, we have Freidrich the Gnome. He needed pictures of him at work and at play for his online dating profile. 🙂

Environmental Portrait: JeWon at Work

Sketchbook and seasonal inspiration.

Straight Portrait #1: Dry and Sunny

Straight Portrait #2: Wet and Dark

Friedrich works in an urban garden.

But in his spare time, he likes to read.

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