On the Table: Crabfest 2014


I love life in Nor Cal. We are world-famous for food. Thank goodness for the steep hills and beautiful vistas that keep me inspired to run. Otherwise, I’d weigh twice as much as I do now!

Though we skipped last year, we brought Crabfest back in 2014. Fifteen dungeness crabs met their demise in my kitchen while the 49ers lost their chance at the Super Bowl.

Here are a few pics from the day.


We had two crab boil pots going — each filled with corn, potatoes, sausage, spices and, of course, crab.


There were nine of us dining, though we had enough food for a lot more people. I made crab cakes with the leftovers two days later.


Despite being so sexy Colin Kaepernick was unable to lead the 49ers to the Super Bowl. I rarely care about pro sports but I cared this year!

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