About KoreanHapa

I am … Korean American and Asian American and Hapa American. Parents the usual: Connecticut meets Seoul by way of SoCal, settling in North Florida … After bouncing around from Florida to California to Florida to Asia to New York to Missouri and back to New York, have settled on the Best Coast where high heels and hiking boots and haute cuisine can happen in the same perfect day.

Try to make pretty food and pretty pictures whenever possible. Ethnic Studies and Asian American Studies are most close to my heart. Find flora divine and fauna fascinating. Could read for hours on end, and could have traveled for the rest of my life too. But then there’s importance of being rooted … Oh, and I like to run. 🙂

Happiest when underwater or somewhere in between.

Writer/editor/web content manager. When not exploring our amazing planet, I reside in San Francisco — just where I always wanted to be!

8 thoughts on “About KoreanHapa

  1. Hello. Got a question for you, half-Jpnse dude here, what is a positive term in Korean that half-Korean people like use to identify themselves? E.g. is Honyol in your opinion a negative term? Thanks.

    • Hi Rhymeister. Can’t think of one off the top of my head, but I will ask around. The only one’s I know aren’t quite so positive. Jampong, etc.

  2. Hi Viv,

    I’ve been gobbling up your bento box recipes. They are adorable. I’m going to buy that book.


    • Oh, Sea, that’s so sweet. Writing a short piece on bentomaking right now. Hope you’ve been having fun with it and that all is well!

  3. I am a long-time San Francisco resident and I can tell you without a doubt that your photos of the city are extraordinary. Thank you so much!

  4. I think you are a little confused. In order for one to be a Korean American one must have two full blooded Korean parents. You are a Hapa America, a mixed person.

    I find it so funny, these confused mixed breeds. LOL

    • I find confused and prejudice monoracial folks very funny too, @hyunapark99@yahoo.com. LOOOOOOOOL!

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