Hapa Time: Mixed Chicks takes on hair care


Noticed this brand of hair care products, Mixed Chicks, at Target today and, of course, wanted to buy it. Alas! It is for those of the curly haired persuasion … I haven’t had curls since I was four years old and even then, they were merely soft ringlets. Of course, I still wasted several years of my adolescence attempting to achieve curly hair via perms. (I blame the 80s and, since Florida liked the styles of the 80s so much, I have to blame a bit of the early 90s too.)

At any rate, I love the verbiage on the box. It’s like, OK curly-haired folks of every color and “any glorious combination” of these colors, we’ve got something just for you. Yay! If any of you curly-headed folk have had the chance to try it out, let me know! 😉

Oh and the kid pic carousel on their website is pretty darn cute too!

Around Town: Noe at night


I spent last night skulking around my sleepy neighborhood. Aside from the recycling scavengers, there were few folks on the street. Cars were even rare on busy Dolores. But the views were still perfect on what was a cloudy but clear SF night.

A bar and a bustop at the corner of Church and 24th Street.

The top of Dolores and 25th streets, looking down, across the Mission District and eventually to the Bay.

Is this Miami? No, just the palm trees lining Dolores Street. Miami would never have all that fog!